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Best Shoes for the Summer

White Unicorn Crocs for Toddler Girl with pink horn and pink, green, yellow, and purple mane
Cute Unicorn Crocs for Toddler Girl

Yes, I know. Some of you may be reading this and saying “Whitney, #Summer is coming to an end soon enough.” But here in #SWFL, it’s pretty year round Summer. And with that being said, we live in comfortable summer shoes pretty much all year.

So which ones are my favorite Summer shoes for my kids? Hands down, Crocs! And let me tell you why.

First off, they are super comfy on my little ones’ feet. They don’t cause blisters, they don’t rub their feet or their heels, and they are so easy to slip on and off, which is great for kids when they are starting to become more independent and want to do things on their own.

I also love the material that Crocs are made out of Croslite. What the heck is Croslite? Well Croslite is a resin material that is not plastic or rubber, and has extraordinary impact absorbing capabilities while still allowing maximum foot cushioning. Croslite also resists odors, inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, and are non-toxic. And the best part about this - Croslite can be washed with soap and water. Which, HELLO, isn’t that every mother’s dream?!

To go along with that, I love how Crocs have openings in the bottom so that when my little ones are playing outside and a monsoon comes rolling in, aka a Florida afternoon shower, the water is able to come right out without absorbing into the shoe. Another win!

Plus, Crocs come in a million (okay, maybe not a million, but a ton of) colors and designs. So there’s something to satisfy everyone. If you haven't tried Crocs out for your kids, or for yourself, I definitely recommend them as the perfect Summer, or year-round Florida, shoe!

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