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Best Organic Cotton Pajamas

Black sleeping baby with pink blanket wearing cotton organic pajamas in a crib
Cotton organic pajamas that will help your baby sleep

Are you looking for soft, organic cotton pajamas that will last a million washes, still look good, and can still be passed down to your next child?! If that’s you, then look no further. Hanna Andersson is the brand for you. And no, I am not getting paid by them. I just absolutely love their pajamas - and really all of their clothing. But today, we’re just going to talk about pajamas.

Hanna Pajamas have been a staple as the go-to pajamas for children since the mid 1980s, and for good reason. Besides having the cutest designs out there, they hold up. And I mean well. I used to wear these babies back in the 80s when I was a kid, and I love that my own children are able to wear this amazing brand.

My three year old toddler boy puts his clothes and pajamas to the test. Running, falling, climbing, eating, bathroom accidents (whoops) - and these pajamas have lasted. The colors stay vibrant in the wash, the fabric stays soft and doesn’t go threadbare, and the pajamas don’t stretch out and lose their shape.

Yes, they can be a little bit more money than the pajamas you can pick up at the big box stores, but they are so worth it. I have been able to pass Hanna Andersson pajamas and clothes down from my son to my daughter, and then to friends with their own children. Almost all of their prints are meant to be gender neutral, so they’re perfect for boys and girls.

Since I don’t have a Hanna Andersson store near me, I have to buy all of their items online. They do offer free shipping and returns, which is great. You can also find their exclusive clothing collection on Amazon called Moon and Back where you can find budget friendly options.

So if you’re looking for a brand that is going to last a long time in the wash, while also being soft on your child’s skin, then give Hanna Andersson a try. You won’t be disappointed. #lifeinhanna

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