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Best Healthy Morning Coffee

Two glasses of cold brew coffee in clear glasses with ice and a white background
Delicious and refreshing cold brew coffee

As a #workingmom of two, there is no way I can start my morning without a cup, or five, of coffee. While coffee itself isn’t necessarily unhealthy, the creamer that I so desperately love is.

So what other ways can I get my coffee kick without all of the added extra calories? How about cold brew coffee with a coffee-flavored protein shake as the creamer. What?! Yep, you heard me.

There are a ton of cold brew coffee options out there. If you want something you can easily order and have delivered to you, you can always try Grady’s Cold Brew that you can order on Amazon and have delivered through Whole Foods Market. I’m always on Amazon, so this makes sense for me.

Pretty similar to the cold brew, there are a ton of coffee-flavored protein shakes out there. I like the Atkin’s Iced Coffee Cafe au Lait Protein Shake as the flavor is great, it is high in protein, and keto-friendly and gluten-free for those who are conscious of certain ingredients. I also love that the tops are twist off so I can easily add just the right amount to my coffee each morning and store it easily in my fridge.

So if you’re looking to cut back on calories in your coffee, don’t feel like you have to cut back on the delicious flavor you love. There are a ton of alternatives out there to make your favorite morning drink a bit healthier while still giving you that caffeine kick.

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