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Best Flower Book on Growing, Harvesting, and Arranging Flowers

Field of wildflowers on a flower farm that are green, pink, and purple
Colorful field of flowers

I am always looking for new books to read and enjoy in the little free time I have. And no, I am not saying that to sound like I’m super important and am busy with important things. Rather I feel like my life revolves around laundry, cleaning the kitchen and countertops, and picking up the same toy twenty times a night. But I digress…

A few weeks ago, I found a show on the #MagnoliaNetwork called #GrowingFloret, and I absolutely fell in love with the show. The show is a docuseries that follows the owners and workers at the #FloretFlower Farm and all of the challenges and rewards that come with running and growing a business. So from this show, I learned that the owner of Floret, Erin Benzakein, has written numerous books on flowers. So of course, I had to check it out.

The first book I picked up is called the Cut Flower Garden. The book is written and showcased beautifully. As someone who is interested in learning to garden and grow flowers, this book was perfect for me. It’s equal parts instruction and inspiration and has beautiful photography throughout the whole book of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, as well as beautifully showcased flower arrangements. The colors are vibrant, and the information included in the book includes tips for growing in a variety of spaces and climates. So this isn’t just a book for those who live in an area with a massive amount of land to plant a garden; this is a book for someone who lives in an apartment and can only have container plants.

If you’re interested in learning how to garden and grow a variety of flowers and want to learn from one of the best floral farmers out there, I would recommend picking up this book. It’s beautifully done in every aspect and is a book you can continue to turn to for years and years.

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